Alternative domains now available

You already use an easy-to-remember, distinctive and memorable e-mail address @ eclipso.tld if you have an account with us. For those who would like to add a little more variety to their e-mail account, we […]

Why we do not automatically renew your subscription

Why we do not automatically renew your subscription

By booking one of our value-added Connect, Premium and Business plans, you’ve made a conscious choice for function, features and security. The booking itself is quick and easy. Select the desired rate and term, choose […]

Kaspersky Internet Suite now included free of charge

Your security is important to us. eclipso Mail & Cloud effectively protects your data online. So that you are also protected at home, we have put together an unrivaled package. When you book eclipso Premium […]

Postoffice & Fax: Pdf Libraries Updated


With eclipso Fax and eclipso Post Office, you can send important documents quickly and conveniently from home or the home office. The fastest and easiest way to send a letter or fax is to upload […]