More Data Privacy and Individuality: New Features for Alias Addresses

We are delighted to introduce our latest privacy-friendly innovation: disabling login with alias addresses and custom sender names for alias addresses.

At eclipso Mail & Cloud, it’s not just about sending and receiving emails; our platform was designed to protect your privacy and make online communication more secure, flexible, and personalized.

Why eclipso Mail & Cloud?

In a world where safeguarding your personal data takes precedence, and personal identity plays an increasingly crucial role in digital communication, it is essential for email service providers to offer innovative solutions.

In this article, we will delve into the two new features.

More Data Privacy and Individuality: New Features for Alias Addresses

**1. “Disable Login with Alias Address” – Focus on Data Privacy**

We have introduced a groundbreaking feature that elevates your online privacy to a new level: “Disable Login with Alias Address.” But what does this mean, and why is it so important?

* **What is an Alias Address?** An alias address is an alternative email address linked to your main account, often used to receive emails without disclosing your main email address.

* **Why is Disabling Important?** By disabling login for alias addresses, you ensure that no one can access your account by logging in with an alias address, enhancing your security and protecting your data from unauthorized access.

* **Flexibility and Control:** You can enable or disable this feature at any time in your account settings, providing you with the flexibility to customize account security to your preferences.

**2. Custom Sender Names for Alias Addresses – Your Personal Touch**

In addition to the data privacy feature “Disable Login with Alias Address“, we have also introduced the ability to “Set custom sender names for each alias address individually”. What does this mean for you?

* **Personalization:** You can now personalize your emails with custom sender names, adding a personal touch to your communication and enabling you to express yourself optimally in different contexts.

* **Enhanced Professionalism:** Especially in business emails, setting a custom sender name can boost your professionalism and credibility.

* **Multiple Identities:** By using alias addresses and custom sender names, you can now manage various online identities centrally with just one email account.

**3. How to Activate the New Alias Features?**

Activating the new alias features is straightforward. Simply go to your account settings (desktop version) > Email | Aliases and select the desired options. In a few steps, you can enhance your security and personalize your emails.

For newly created alias addresses, login is already disabled by default.

More Data Privacy and Individuality: New Features for Alias Addresses

**Conclusion: More Control, More Privacy, More Individuality**

With the new features “Disable Login with Alias Address” and “Custom Sender Names for Alias Addresses,” you gain more control over your online security. Moreover, these new features allow you to further shape your digital identity. Security and privacy protection are the cornerstones of our services, and we put them at the forefront. Utilize these features to make your online communication safer and more personal.

Alias addresses are available in our eclipso Connect, eclipso Premium, and eclipso Business plans.

eclipso Mail & Cloud stands for data privacy, security, and user-friendliness.

Our latest innovation empowers you to safeguard your online privacy and personalize your communication even more. If you are already an eclipso Mail & Cloud user, we encourage you to enable these new features in your settings. And if you are not yet part of our eclipso community, we warmly invite you to sign up and benefit from the top-notch privacy features our service offers. Experience the future of secure online communication with eclipso Mail & Cloud.

Your privacy matters to us, and we are committed to protecting it. Welcome to eclipso Mail & Cloud!

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