Email: Global usage continues to grow

The worldwide use of e-mail as an important means of communication reached another high point in 2021. More than 4.15 billion people used e-mail every day, and 319.6 billion e-mails were sent, also every day.

Over half the world’s population used email in 2021.

Email: Global usage continues to grow

Email: Global usage continues to grow

E-mail is still indispensable in the communication strategy, as the E-mail continues to be indispensable in the communication strategy, since for many people the personal e-mail address is almost the same as the postal address.

E-mail offers many advantages over other communication media:

  • Protection of privacy
  • Privacy
  • Anonymity
  • Security
  • Deceleration (no blue tick, no reading obligation, independent of time)
  • The only platform and provider-independent communication medium

E-mail is an essential part of daily communication.

Email usage continues to see strong growth among both home and business users. Email is an integral part of the overall Internet experience as an email account (i.e. Email address) is required to sign up for any type of online activity, including social networks
Network sites, instant messaging, and any other form of presence on the Internet. Online commerce also relies on email for confirmations, notifications and related communications.

In 2020 alone, 87 percent of the German population used the Internet to send and receive e-mails. In 2002 the proportion was only 38 percent.

Source: Statista

Email: Global usage continues to grow

In 2020, e-mail was by far the most popular online shopping tool among Germans: three quarters (75.3%) of all Internet users prefer e-mail as a channel for status information such as order confirmations or shipping notifications. Shopping communication via SMS (15%), messengers such as WhatsApp or Threema (13.9%) or social networks such as Facebook or Instagram (12.9%) only played a role for a few respondents.

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To the future!

As a provider of secure communication solutions, we see ourselves as It is not only because of this positive development that we see ourselves as a provider of secure and privacy-friendly communication solutions and that we are well equipped for the future. E-mail in particular is enjoying increasing popularity. It is standardized, easy to use, available anywhere and anytime.

With our strategy of data economy and data minimization, the protection of privacy and the focus on German server locations, we have already been able to convince many customers from all over the world.

We also round off our offer with our value-added services and additional products. Customers can find eclipso Mail & Cloud everything you need for modern communication. Including fast and personal support.

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