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Do you work at home, are on vacation or on a business trip and need to send an important letter? With eclipso Post Office you can send letters quickly and easily online. From home, from your office or wherever you are.

You don’t need any paper, stamps, envelopes, printers or an additional app. Save time, money, stop driving and waiting in line. No more trips to your local post office.

Protect the environment and save resources.

eclipso Post Office

  • No monthly fees, no contract periods
  • No minimum purchase
  • No additional hardware necessary
  • GDPR-compliant processing
  • Time and money savings
  • Protects the environment and resources
  • Already from €1,25 including paper, envelope, print and postage

Send a letter now

How do I send a letter online?

First create or write your letter in any application (eg Microsoft Word), scan a document or use a template and save the document in PDF format locally on your computer / device.

Make sure that the address field is positioned in accordance with DIN 5008. You can use our demo letter. Alternatively, you can also write your text online directly with our online editor and, for example, create a cover sheet for it. When using a cover sheet, the address field is automatically positioned correctly.

When it comes to important documents, you can also choose the option “Registered letter [ Insertion ]Registered letter [ Standard ] and Registered letter [ Return receipt ]“. You can use it to track your letter via shipment tracking. Registered mail is only available for letters destined for Germany.

Important: When using the “Registered letter [ Return receipt ]” option, a sender address must be stored in our system or in your contact details.

Can I combine a PDF document with a cover sheet or other text?

In any case, the cover sheet can be used in addition to the PDF document or on its own. The cover sheet can be used if, for example, you have a ready-made form (e.g. an official form), photos or other elements in the PDF document. Our system then creates the entire document to be sent from the combination of cover sheet / text / PDF document.

How much does a letter cost to post?

In order to be able to send a letter, you must top up your account with credits before sending it. The credit remains valid indefinitely.

The cost of a letter depends on various factors: number of pages, color or black and white, destination. The cost of the letter is shown after it has been created, checked and before it is sent. Until then, you can re-create your letter or upload it again.

Send a letter now

Where can I find information about the letters I have sent?

In the desktop menu Post > Journal you will find all of your sent letters and the associated status information.

New from 10/2021: For registered mail, we now also display the status “Registered mail delivered” as well as the tracking number / shipment number of the registered mail when the registered mail has reached the recipient. With the shipment number you can, for example, use Deutsche Post’s shipment tracking to find out more details about your shipment.

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