@eclipsomail.com: Fresh and Now Available to Everyone!

We kick off the year 2024 with exciting news. eclipso Mail Europe not only simplifies but also internationalizes your email communication.

As of now, our first .com domain, @eclipsomail.com, is available to all users. This brings a variety of benefits that not only streamline but also enhance your online communication.

@eclipsomail.com: Fresh and Now Available to Everyone!

Professional Touch with .com Domain:

Opting for a .com domain for your email address doesn’t just add a professional touch but also signals trust and strengthens your online presence. Whether in business correspondence or personal messages, the .com domain elevates your email address to a new level.

International Reach:

With the domain “eclipsomail.com,” your email address (yourname@eclipsomail.com) becomes not only internationally understandable but also opens doors when communicating with people around the world. The .com domain ensures clarity and minimizes potential misunderstandings due to language barriers.

Easy Handling with Alias Addresses:

The domain @eclipsomail.com is available both during the registration of a new account and as an alias address. Setting up alias addresses is straightforward and can be done in the menu “Settings > Email | Alias Addresses.”

Dive into the world of eclipso Mail Europe and start benefiting immediately from the advantages of our new domain, “@eclipsomail.com.” Your email communication has never been so versatile and simultaneously uncomplicated.

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  1. My name is Viorel Closcaru and I am very very very very pleased with the eclipsomail. I love you! I write here because I don’t use google system and to make feedback I can’t because I don’t know how. On huawei galery app I can not compliment that I do not find you. I installed the application from external source. Thank you and millions of hearts

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