Why we do not automatically renew your subscription

By booking one of our value-added Connect, Premium and Business plans, you’ve made a conscious choice for function, features and security. The booking itself is quick and easy.

Select the desired rate and term, choose the payment method, and complete the booking. This means that you always have clarity about which service was booked for which period and at which price.

But every term ends and the term extension is due. With most providers, the next debit is now automatically made from your account or the deposited payment method. Often even without prior notice, regardless of whether you want this as a customer.

Automatically recurring payments have a decisive advantage, their own convenience. You don’t have to worry about anything, the contributions will be collected on time.

The disadvantage: Over time, subscriptions and automatically recurring payments can add up, you lose clarity and control over your expenses.

Getting out of a running contract is often made difficult by many providers because you have no easy way to terminate the subscription at the end of the term. Often, a written notice of termination is required.

In addition, many providers offer neither a simple button for ending the subscription, nor a direct contact person, nor a contact form, nor an option for simple cancellation. Many users pay for years for a service that they in many cases do not even use (anymore).

We find it unacceptable that it is intentionally made difficult for customers to enforce their rights in a simple manner and therefore do not offer an automatically renewing subscription and debit procedure.

We generally do not save any bank details or payment data on our servers.

Claus-Peter Beringer – CEO

We rely on a clear price structure with one-off amounts, transparency and fairness.

This gives you full cost control. Always and at any time.

So how can you extend the term of your subscription?

Fourteen days before expiration, you will receive a notice by e-mail that your subscription is about to end. So you can easily extend the term of your package in time before the end of the booking period.

Missed the deadline and booking end date?

After the booking timeframe expires, any value-added package, if not renewed, reverts to the standard Freemail rate and you lose all value-added features. All e-mails and data will, of course, remain intact.

Now simply book your desired rate again. You can then use your account as usual.

No automatically renewing subscription. Clear pricing structure. Transparency. Fairness. Full cost control.

Your eclipso Mail & Cloud Team.

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